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News Detail -2016/11/26
USERN talk 14 was held
Laszlo Rosivall Speaks of his Passion in Functional Imaging of the Kidney, Efforts in Establishing a Holistic View to Chronic Illnesses, to the Naming of World Kidney Day!
Wednesday evening, in the frozen weather of November in Tehran at the Vesal St. , Razslo Rozivall Shared his life-long strive to learn basics of renal function, nephrology and patients management and implying a holistic approach to patients care! From establishing courses for med students to learn sign language while starting medical training course for gypsies in Budapest!
A special guest of the USERN Talk 14, was the Head of the Avicenna International college Dr. Shahrokh Mirza Hosseini made a welcome note to his colleague in Avicenna college, honorable guest Professor Lazslo Rosivall:
Having finished a PhD in physiology he discovered by renal functional imaging a niche in the afferent arteriole of the kidney, were fenestrations in the arteriole wall resmebeled a capillary rather than a high pressure thick walled arterial line! He later discovered feedback's in the renal physiology with direct relation to RAAS system and Nitrous Oxide system with regard to this finding. Being the rector of Semmelweis University, he actively established a course for MD students to learn the sign language to talk to the deaf! Get the gypsies to Med school and get back to society. This act was applauded by the Hungarian government, and Pope Francis from Vatican blessed these efforts!

He established the Budapest Nephrology school, a PhD program in Nephrology in Semmelweis and is the Founder He has also been the chair of International Society of Nephrology for many years. He has served as parliament adviser in health and social issues and has earned the Cecchini prize and the Khwarizmi prize , form Hungarian president, Jose Mauel Barossue and President Rouhani for his charitable and international social works! Last year during his visit to Tehran he was nominated an honorary professor at TUMS, had received the flag of  second international festival of pediatric patients from USERN President, Dr. Nima Rezaei! During a ceremony at the centenarian of the demise of Semmelweis and in the presence of Hungarian Ambassador in Tehran, they witnessed the erection the statue of  Semmelweis and Avicenna at the main campus of TUMS in Tehran.
''Highest number of Nobel laureates to the population is in Hungary!'' Professor Rosivall began his lecture by examples of Hungarian scientists and Nobel laureates, like inventor of Rubik Cube, ball point pen, and the atomic bomb! He then beard examples of the importance of the Kidney in ancient text books:
Offering the goof the fat around the kidney in special ceremonies in ancient printings and the quote from Bible reading; Examine me O' lord and prove me try my kidneys and my heart! and regards to the Kidney in the Kanon of Avicenna.
He later described a summary of some of his main interests he has been pursuing in the his years as a Nephrologist and socialist:
-Networking in medicine is necessary as Medical Error is the first big killer in the United states. The growing knowledge brings about a greater the risk of medical errors!
-The development of the health care is a key feature to improve the GDP and the MD are the key player of the economy
-Medical doctors should address the improvement of the quality of life of patients with end stage kidney disease. We medical doctors have the responsibility to change these typical examples and help the mankind to find and provide more human life. Don't let people fall out from the network in the society!
-Role management and Emotional Management are as important as medical management  of chronic illnesses. These are key points in holistic management of CKD.
-The burn-out syndrome is most common among the female doctors! More than 70% of med students are female! Serious problem. The Hungarian psychologist ''Balint'' suggests sharing experience in a group to avoid burnout syndrome in med students.
Session ended with USERN President and Professor Lazslo Rosivall signing of an agreement of clauses of common terms of collaboration and Miss Masoumeh Helalian, to receive her ''Dr. Ashtiani Prize in Young Researchers Section'' for her project in ''Motor Development In Progression Of Gender Infant'' form the hands of Dr. Rozsivall, USERN President and Dr. Parvin Pasalar head of the SSRC.

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