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News Detail -2016/12/18
Introduction session of Social Psychology Club (SPC) was held
Mahsa Mayeli and the other core members of the SPC introduced the aims and activities of the SPC to the new members.
introduction session of Social Psychology Club (SPC) was held at amphitheatre of Students' Scientific Research Center (SSRC) Azar 24th 3-6 PM. The aim of this session was to give a more vivid view of social psychology, its applications, and also the aims of SPC.
First of all, Mahsa Mayeli, the founder of SPC at SSRC, provided some indications of the application of social psychology in everyday life and the significance of having a structure such as SPC. In addition, short-term and long-term plans of this community, for instance weekly journal clubs and HIP project were illustrated.  
Afterwards, some of the core members of SPC had lectures about some aspects of social psychology they were interested in. Firstly, Fatemeh Tabatabei and Aida Kamalian talked about "Social groups" and "Forensic psychology", an application of psychology in social life. Then, Dorsa Dayani and Mohammad Mehdi Khavandi lectured on common fallacies in social communities, "Prejudice" and "Conformity". In the end, Aryan Ayati and Kaveh Same presented their lectures regarding "Theory of mind" and "Body Language", the interaction between people in society and how to improve it.
SPC is open to anyone who is interested in this field, whether for its everyday life applications or just as curiosity to know and read more about it. Please feel free to contact us via to join SPC.  You can join our telegram channel or group

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