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The internal structure of Student's Scientific Research Center (SSRC) consists of three major parts: the students, the employee, and the boss!

SSRC consists of students researching in fields of their interest, and the action of research is facilitated by the employee as well as few other organizational units, called "committees", all members of which are students again. These committees are managed by a director, who is selected every year by the "research council" of SSRC.

The research council, previously known as central council is made of a fixed number of students and university professors, who are responsible for managing the executive units (committees and the clerk), as well as approving rules and fundamentals for SSRC. The student part of research council is elected from SSRC members, once a year, in a session called "general assembly".

And finally, the supervisor of SSRC who is appointed by the vice chancellor of research of Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS), is the leader of the whole system, and the main connection to the TUMS structure and units.

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