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The Comprehensive Draft of The pre-Committee

Researches in Student Research Canters of

Tehran University Faculty of Medical Science


The research pre-committee of bright talent center, has a University Students basis, and should possess the basic requirements for starting it’s activity.

A pre-committee can be founded, managed, and programmed by a university student (or a graduate). The center if is able to establish a pre-committee if necessary. Besides, all pre-committees should promote themselves to try to become on independent committee.

Pre-committee Structure

1-    At least 80% of the founding members should be the students of Tehran University Faculty of medical science; also, the manager should have the affiliation of Tehran University Faculty of medical science.

Note : Every individual can be in charge of just one of the founding body of two pre-committee, can be the same up to at least 20% .

2-    Every pre-committee should introduce one person as the chairman and another one as his substitute. The rest part of pre-committee structure can be designed and ascertained based on the activity scope.

Requirements to registry a pre-committee

1.     At least five persons as the core members with the copies of their University Ids.

2.     If the members are graduate, the center manager, agreement in a must.

3.     Complete contact information.

4.     Topic, activity scope and the way of recruiting (periodical or non-periodical).

5.     Objectives.

6.     The signature and testifying of pre-committee registrations form.

Note: After being registered, every pre-committee should start its activity, at least, within one month.

 Starting activity means holding, at least, one general meeting, introducing the members and the participation of one representative of bright talent center. The primacy registration will be cancelled if the committee does not start it’s activity.

Then steps when a pre-committee becomes a committee

-          Rendering, at least, one research design to the center.

-          Rendering one article regularly in every issue of pagoda.

-          Holding at least two meeting per month by the center’s agreement.

-          Rendering monthly report based on enclosure no one to the center of committees.

-          The participation of the members in the following workshops or producing certification, showing passing them.

1.     Statistics and elementary and advanced research method

2.     Investigating the sources.

3.     Writing proposals

-          The other workshops which are informed to the managers of every committee.


Having the requirements, a pre-committee becomes a committee, the research committees, have the patent number in bright talent center and are testified by research department of Tehran University Faculty of Medical science.

Every research committee should have the following conditions to continue its activity, to renew the registration:

1.     Holding a meeting once a month

2.     Participating in the committees’ monthly meetings (the permanent attendance of the members puts the committee in the priority list of students’ research center ).

3.     Reporting bimonthly to the center of committees based on enclosure number two.

4.     Rendering reports in pagoda monazite, in every issue, in the “what news of committees?” part.

5.     Rendering a research plan every six months.


The Advantages of registered research committees:

1.     Holding step by step and advanced workshop for the members of committee.

2.     Registering plus and ideas in an in-centers way and the advantage of begin the host in the students’ scientific research center.

3.     Giving priority to passing accepted plans in other researching centers.

4.     Rendering research grants to higher committees.

5.     Giving priority to members of committees in students’ Election MD-MPH.

6.     Awarding prizes and appreciating higher committees, regarding to the committees’ rankings.

7.     Supporting financially to participate in out-of-country meeting with the affiliation of the center.

8.     Using the educational research facilities of the center.

Managing, supervising, and assessing the committees

The chairman of research committees who is in charge of overall managing of committees, is chose among those having  the managing and researching aperies, and the affiliation of Tehran University faulty of medical science, by the head of the center. The total policy-making of research committees is done by policy-making council consisting of the head of the center, the substitute of research center and the head of students, scientific researches center.

All committees by the touchstones of committees assessment are tested periodically (every four months), and higher committees an encouraged officially, and given special advantages based on the assessment touchstones and the facilities of the center.

Note: The assessing touchstones are checked annually and if changed, the committees’ heads are informed.

The assessing touchstones of committees ‘activities

A-    The Touchstones of common activities of committee

1-    The number of meetings per month.

2-    The number of registered and rendered plans per month

3-    The attendance of the head of committee in the committees’ monthly meetings.


B-    The touchstones of the committee’s outputs

1-    The number of articles in pagoda magazine

2-    The number of accepted plans.

3-    The number of plans leading to articles and the number of accepted plans.

4-    Attending the seminars related to the committee’s activity scope.

5-    The number of published articles in the home magazines.

6-    The number of published articles in the foreign magazines ISI.

7-    The number of rendered articles in students’ congress in the country.

8-    The number of articles of home professors’ congress.

9-    The number of articles rendered in students’ congress in aboard.

10-  The number of articles rendered in aboard professors congress.

11-  The number of books published, related to the committee

12-  Collaborating in holding seminars related to committee’s activity scope.

13-  The proportion of the number of useful members to all members.


C-    The touchstones of man-power and communication

1-    The number of research members

2-    The number of educational board members.

3-    The number of common plus along with the collaboration with other centers.

-          Out of University

-          Inside of University

-          In-Centers (among committees).


D-    Touchstones of the members’ abilities

1-    The average number of workshops when every member has attended.

2-    The proportion of the number of members who attended the workshops to all members.

3-    Having a private web-site for the committee

4-    Rendering CV or resume’ of the committee within 6 months.


Attention: The touchstones of C and D are ascertained for every committee proportionally.

The latest version of this draft was checked in 3 sessions’ and was accepted by the head of students’ research center, Mrs. Dr. Pasalar , Elham Purkhtiarian, Hadi Zare’ , Farzad Masoodkabir, and Mohammad Reza Raeei.

The aim of providing thin new draft-which was written board on the previews one – was to eliminate the challenges in the activities of research committees. It has been tried in thin edition, to simplify the topics and explanations as well as to make it more applicable compared with the previous one.

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